Mississippi wedding videographer

Saron + Neal| Mississippi Wedding Film

We held on to this wedding film for over a year because we were waiting for the 2015 summer issue of Martha Stewart Weddings to come out, in which Saron and Neal's wedding was featured. My wife, Alee, and Saron did all the design work on the wedding, and it turned out to be one of our favorite weddings ever. Saron's stepfather, Sonny, built a barn on their farmland in order to have an amazing, rustic venue for the wedding. Neal and his father built all the tables and benches that were used, and Saron's brother, Jess, did all the catering for the reception. It truly was a beautiful day filled with laughter and love. 


TRAILER: Miranda + Dillon

One service that we have started offering our couples is a shorter version of their short film, which we are calling a trailer. Initially, doing this seemed like extra work, but I can honestly say that it has been so inspiring and has helped us to see our films in a totally new light. When you're editing a film this short, you really have to decide what the most essential and beautiful shots are, and it makes you think about your work in a fresh, new way. 

Miranda and Dillon were such a sweet, friendly couple (and clearly beautiful people!), and they made our jobs easier by being so easygoing and fun to be around. Their wedding day in Natchez, Mississippi, was a beautiful day filled with laughter and dancing and friends, and we couldn't have been happier to get to be a part of it.