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Jessie & Francesco | A Virginia Estate Wedding on Super 8

Where do we even begin telling you about this wedding?

Jessie emailed us before she even picked out a wedding date and a venue because she wanted to base her wedding date on our availability. She told us video and photography were the most important things to her. So no pressure, right?

We are so grateful we had the chance to attend Jessie and Francesco’s Virginia wedding day. Every detail was so gorgeous, and Jessie did most of the design work herself! They even wrote their own vows which had all of the guests (and us!) in tears. Then they threw a super fun reception which ended with Francesco singing every word to Kiss from a Rose!

We are seriously so grateful that Jessie and Francesco found our work and brought us to Virginia to film their wedding. It was one of the major highlights of our year!

Alee's 30th Birthday!

You only turn 30 once, so we decided to make Alee’s 30th birthday one to remember. Alee’s birthday is in late November which is typically a slower time for us, so we decided to hop on a plane and head to Europe. Since we both want to visit every inch of this earth it was so difficult to decide where to go! However, if there’s one thing our bodies were not made for it’s cold weather, so we wanted to find somewhere that wouldn’t be too cold in November. After some research we discovered Lisbon, Portugal and Barcelona, Spain were fairly warm during November, and after finding some cheap plane tickets we packed our bags and spent Alee’s birthday the best way we could imagine. Below is a Super 8 highlight film from the trip.