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Saron & Neal | Mississippi

Alanna & Blake | New Orleans

Stephanie & Max | Virginia

Punya & Ravi | Orlando

Jessica & Grant | Houston

Bek & Drew | Alys Beach, FL

Hollie & James | Key West

Marla & Casey | Chicago

Kerry & Jeff | Missouri

Jamie & John | New Orleans



meet us


We are Nathan & Alee, best friends and partners in life and business. We have been married for 8 years, and since then we have lived in 4 states, which suits us because we love to travel. We just bought a house in beautiful New Orleans, and we travel all over filming weddings. It's just our favorite thing. We have two adorable white fluffy dog-children, Harper and Pippi (technically Pippi is Alee's sister's, but we have an insane Parent Trap joint custody situation because the dogs are best friends, and we don't want to separate them because we are obviously ridiculous).

We would love to get to know you and your story, because there is nothing we love more than telling beautiful love stories through film.

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